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        Plates & Sheets

          Chequered Plates

          Mild Steel low carbon steel plated with relief in the form of chequered patterns is helpful in fabrication where antiskid properties are required such as bus floors, walkways, platforms, etc. The patterns form the surface of the plates. We stock them in standard dimensions of 8 Feet × 4 Feet from thicknesses of 1.6 mm

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          Cold Rolled Close annealed (C.R.C.A)

          We supply high quality Cold Rolled Closed Annealed Sheets (CRCA) which are cut from CRCA coils and are supplied in standard sizes. Our CRCA sheets are soft (annealed) and have better and controlled dimensional accuracy. They are mainly used in fabrication, drawing and forming applications, components manufacture, etc. The finish of CRCA sheets is great

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          Galvanised Sheets

          Steel rusts in the presence of moisture and oxygen. Galvanizing is a process of coating the surface of steel with a mixture of zinc and aluminium to prevent rusting. We stock Galvanized Sheets in standard dimensions of 8 Feet × 4 Feet with thicknesses ranging from 0.4 mm – 2 mm.

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          Mild Steel Plates

          We have a fully automatic high speed cut to length machine for the cutting mild steel plates. Mild Steel plates come in numerous sizes and thicknesses there are mainly used for structural, mechanical and general engineering purposes. The available thicknesses range from 0.8mm up to 20mm. We generally cut the standard size, 8ft by 4ft, in various thicknesses

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