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Clout Nails

There are different types of Clout nails. We manufacture smooth clout nails which are utilised in indoor construction purposes, repairing furniture, ceiling, partitioning and building cabinets. Clout nails have a larger head compared to ordinary nails and, mostly manufactured in two sizes, 1” and 1 ̎. The clout nails are polished to give the nails a good finish.

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Nail ReferenceInchesLength, lShank Diameter, dHead Diameter, 2.65xd
MSCN 20025048.7551.253.504.009.2810.60
MSCN 150 1.5403941.003.103.408.229.01
MSCN 125 1.253029.2530.752.903.207.698.48
MSCN 10012524.3825.632.903.207.698.48
MSCN 075 0.752019.520.502.602.806.897.42