Nails and Steel Products Limited is an equal opportunity employer. The company believes in leading its employees and not bossing its employees. This means that we are able to delegate tasks which are appropriate, reasonable and suitable for the employee’s career growth and well-being. For us as an organization our greatest asset in the company is the people who work for us.

We fully focus on employee’s self-development and do send our staff for courses or trainings to further improve their knowledge and skill sets. We also give opportunities to employees to brush up their talents by assigning them more jobs and tasks on hand that are relevant.

Nails and Steel products Limited encourages employees when it comes to generating ideas, thoughts and opinions in accomplishing certain tasks or projects in hand. Since we highly have a culture of team work.

Generally we have a good company culture and flexibility leaving the employees, not feeling too “controlled” but they have the freedom to work to their fullest potential.