Weldmesh & B.R.C


    British Reinforced Concrete (BRC) is manufactured from hard drawn wire. We operate a semi-automatic BRC machine to achieve a uniform spacing of wires and consistent cross sectional area. The machine applies controlled automatic electric welding to provide standardised BRC without loss of strength. As the intersections are welded the shape of the BRC can be cut or bent according to the consumer’s requirement.

    There are four types of BRC:-

    • Square
    • Structural
    • Long
    • Wrapping Fabric

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    Weldmesh is a product made from hard-drawn mild steel wire. It is usually used for its strength and versatility. Manufacturing a weldmesh consists of two components, line wire and cross wire, where it is welded at all their intersections.

    There are two types of Weldmesh:-

    1. Welded
    2. Weaved

    We manufacture Welded Weldmesh. The weldmesh are packed in bundles of five (5) for ease of transportation. The standards for weldmesh are as follows below.

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