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    Mild Steel Channels

    Mild Steel Channels we supply are in finish size options of up to 150mm*75mm with wall thickness of 6mm.These quality finished channels are made available as per industry standards. Some of its features include quality hot rolled finish, finding use in fabrication of steel structure, in bridges, for automobile frames and others; allows easy work-ability including forming,

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    Zed Purlins

    We manufacture a wide range of Zed purlins using a fully automatic machine. We manufacture special Zed purlin sizes as per your designs. The purlins are manufactured using mild steel slit mostly due to its ductility. We have a very experienced team who have perfected the precise settings to achieve the correct amount of bend and straightness. We also have a quality checker team that monitors the production to maintain the high standard of production.
    Zed purlins are mainly utilised in Industrial construction and ware house construction.

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