General panelling

    Ordinary Nails

    Ordinary Nails are manufactured from drawn wire coil. Different nail sizes have different specification. The common trend for nails is, as the size of the nail increases the diameter of the wire used to manufacture increases. Ordinary nails are mainly used for construction purposes, any repair work, furniture fabrication, roofing construction etc. We attain the best quality nails with perfect heads and sharp points with the correct strength by using the KEBS standards as a guide.

    We manufacture all standard sizes from 1” to 6” but we are also capable of manufacturing any special length and diameter nail required as per the Customer.

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    Panel Pins

    Panel pins are very thin and light weight nails manufactured from hard drawn wire. They are used for fixing furniture and small mouldings. Panel pins are known for their good finishing style for furniture as it does not comprise a head like ordinary nails.

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