Nails and steel Products Limited does encourage the application of jobs by various graduates this can includes someone who has completed the requirements of an academic level which can be:

Diploma graduate,

Undergraduate level courses,

Postgraduate qualification,

High school graduate (for casual workers),

This is entirely determined by the position or level of which the applicant is applying for.

We do hire both fresh graduates from colleges and universities and also mature aged graduates.

What makes Nails and Steel Products Limited an employer of choice?

We do boast of being an employer of choice in that we do offer a fantastic work culture and workplace environment that attracts and retains superior employees.

Some of the factors which make us an employer of choice include:

We strive to pay employees compensation that may include a salary and benefits that are equal to or above market rates

We have important mission or vision at our place.

Nails and Steel Products Limited offer its employees Job Security.

We have an Empowerment and Authority policy in place: Employees are empowered to make decisions about and take responsibility for how they do their jobs. Their department gives employees a strategic framework (company mission, vision, values, goals, feedback), but they control their choices and how they perform their core functions and make progress on their goals.

We highly do respect our employees.

We offer all our employees an equal Opportunity for Growth: Oftenly, we do encourage our employees to continue to develop their skills and careers. We offer performance development planning, career paths, and internal and external training opportunities. Job assignments help employees expand their skills.

Employees do have an access to a wide range of the company’s Information this leaves our Employees feel as if they are members of the in-crowd because they know what is happening.

In relation to our Human Resources policies to business strategies there is great Commitment to employees and customers.

Through ensuring Involvement of employees, the company ensures that employees can make suggestions, think up new products, serve on employee committees to plan events and work processes, and attend appropriate meetings and have input on work processes that affect their jobs.

Nails and Steel Products Limited also enhances Positive Relationships amongst Coworkers:    We have developed and apply policies, that usually treat employees with the same regard and consideration, and this has made the workplace guidelines clear and enforceable across the board. Thus there is lot of fairness amongst all the employees.

For employee recognition, we do provide feedback to employees about their performance, growth prospects, accomplishments, and areas needing improvement regularly.

These are just but a few of what makes us of an employer of choice; we have a well proven track record of attracting and retaining employees.

What we expect from our employees.

  1. Owning the place
  2. Possibility Thinking
  3. Not sharing company’s information
  4. Co-operation
  5. Integrity
  6. Excellent customer service
  7. Not bad-mouthing the company or the co-workers
  8. Proper utilization of your time

All applications should be made out to:

Human Resource Officer,

Nails and Steel Products Limited

P.O.Box 17690 – 00500 Nairobi


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